Pre-order the California Bicycle Special License Plate for your California registered car, truck, trailer, or motorcycle.

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The Department of Motor Vehicles will begin the process of creating the program to issue the California bicycle license plates upon receipt of 7,500 pre-paid applications.

Your purchase of the California Bike Plate will generate grants to promote cycling as a physical activity, fund bike skill development and nutrition education at the elementary school level and create safe places to ride through cycling advocacy. Grants will also support earn-a-bike programs for at-risk youth, middle and high school programs, promote bicycles as transportation and conduct safety and share the road education programs for drivers and cyclists. Grants will be available to statewide coalitions, community-based organizations, nonprofit organizations, county health departments and other organizations.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has 12 months to collect the required 7,500 pre-paid applications. If 7,500 applications are not collected in this initial 12 months, CDPH may request a 12-month extension to continue collecting pre-paid applications. If a 12-month extension is requested, CDPH must notify applicants of the extension.

After 7,500 pre-paid applications are collected and submitted to the California DMV, the DMV will begin the new plate program implementation process which can take up to an additional 12 months.

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